Specialist Waste Removal

Waste removal experts

Cleaning up after drug dealers, incidents that involve hazardous waste or complex commercial waste should always be conducted by fully insured, trained professionals. Bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye and require thorough cleaning using specialist equipment and chemicals. Failure to clean an environment correctly poses a danger to public health through serious and even fatal diseases. It also risks legal action being taken.

Drug clean ups

When out in a public area or clearing out a property to sell or renovate, the last thing you want to deal with is a drug den or drug paraphernalia left behind by squatters. There are dangers when attempting to dispose of these by yourself due to potential diseases the instruments can carry, such as hepatitis-B virus (HBV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Our experts wear the correct personal protective equipment, then use methods and chemicals that comply with legislation to thoroughly clean the area and dispose of any dangerous substances or infected instruments. Once the dangerous items have been removed and a full decontamination completed, you can focus on returning the area or property to its normal use.

Biohazard Waste

Hazardous waste is substances and materials that can pose danger to you, the public, and the environment. Waste such as blood, faeces and urine can be harmful to you and those around you when not cleaned properly.

Upon arrival at your site Bio-65 will carry out a risk assessment and produce a method statement. Our team, dressed in the appropriate PPE, will then use professional cleaning equipment and chemicals to properly contain and dispose of harmful substances.

If you need help, Bio-65 is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to quickly remove harmful substances and clean anything they have been in contact with. You can also contact us for advice regarding legal requirements for different hazardous waste types or if you need assistance registering your site as a hazardous waste producer.

Sharp Boxes Disposal

Do you have a reliable supplier and waste collection service for your sharps bins? If your medical waste keeps building up or your current clinical waste providers are letting you down, give Bio-65 a call.

Bio-65 teams are fully trained to collect and process all clinical waste to ensure you are compliant with the regulations. If you need professional guidance to meet your obligations under the Duty of Care, you can seek advice from Bio-65’s specialists in clinical waste management.

Commercial Waste

Disposing of your commercial waste can be a complex, time-consuming job. It can be difficult to categorise and dispose of it safely, ethically and legally. Some of the waste created by your organisation could be a threat to health and safety, which could result in the serious injury or even death of an employee. And, increasingly, many companies are now being prosecuted for the environmental impact of improper waste management.

To protect you from personal injury claims or environmental legal action being taken, call our commercial waste experts. Bio-65 uses safe and approved methods to segregate, process and dispose of commercial waste in accordance with legal guidelines. Whether your waste is recyclable or non-recyclable, Bio-65 can advise and deal with it all responsibly on your behalf, saving you time wading through health and safety policies or public health environmental guidelines.