Deep Cleans

Deep cleaning specialists

Whether you need a purge on household clutter that has built up to make the property impossible to live in or you have a pest control problem, it can be difficult to know where to start, which can feel completely overwhelming. Our team will deal with the situation respectfully and sensitively. Our team will quickly have your property cleared, cleaned and sanitised, ready for domestic or commercial use.

Hoarding Clean up

Hoarding can be a difficult and stressful time for you or family members. You may find it hard to throw things away because it feels like they have sentimental value, even items that outsiders may consider to be rubbish. But clutter begins to pile up until you’re left with a huge mess and no idea where to begin to clean it up.

You can rely on complete discretion and the utmost respect for your privacy. Bio-65 will deal with your situation sensitively, to help you clean up the mess, whether it’s yours or someone who may have passed away or left.

As experts of biohazard removal we can safely clean up one room or a complete property, to prevent health and safety risks to you and anyone who visits. We can also provide certification required for rental properties, mortgage providers and local authorities.

Pest Control

You might be having trouble with unwanted pests and the mess they leave behind. They may keep coming back, or your current cleaning agency’s equipment might not be enough to keep them at bay.

If you’re busy with other matters, you don’t need the added stress of having to deal with unwanted cockroaches, rats or termites in the mix.

Bio-65 technicians can conduct a full inspection of the building to identify potential entry points for pests, signs of infestations and find conditions in your property that pests may thrive in. We will recommend an effective treatment plan tailored to your business or home to help you take steps to eradicate your pest problems.

Void properties

Vacant residential and commercial properties can become the target for vandalism, antisocial behaviour and drug use. Squatters, vandals and drug users often leave behind damage and waste, making the property uninhabitable. Even unruly and evicted tenants can leave properties extremely dirty or in an unusable condition.

With Bio-65, your vacant property problem can be resolved quickly, to enable the property to be let or sold as soon as possible. No need to call in separate cleaners and waste removal companies. We are able to remove all waste, including biohazard waste, then disinfect the property to make it safe for future tenants, renovations or sale of the property.