Emergency Clean Ups

Rapid response clean ups

Bio-65 have attended hundreds of traumatic situations and can be called upon 24/7 to deal with the aftermath respectfully, professionally and with compassion. When a serious incident, accident or unexpected death has occurred, those involved can find the situation extremely distressful and highly emotional. Although it’s a necessity, dealing with the clean up afterwards can be difficult, especially when needing to support those around you.

Trauma cleans

From the moment the Bio-65 team walks onto a trauma scene, you can be assured that we know exactly what to do. We are fully trained and experienced to know the order in which trauma clean ups need to happen and the many complex processes involved, including scenes involving serious crimes.

Trauma scenes are often busy and stressful, with emergency services, investigators and other professionals in attendance. Whether it involves a serious injury or any type of death, we are skilled in helping people at the scene stay calm, while the area is cleaned and returned to being a clean and safe environment, as quickly as possible.

Should you need assistance with keeping the scene safe from prying eyes, we can help. Every member of the Bio-65 team understands that complete confidentiality is an essential part of our job, as well as treating people at the scene, property and belongings with dignity and the utmost respect.

Fire and flood restoration

After a fire, it’s essential that highly trained, skilled professionals with the correct equipment are called to clean up. Depending upon the type of materials burned in a fire, strong odours and smoke residue can at best be unpleasant. At worst, fumes and substances that form afterwards can cause serious health conditions or there could be structural issues that make the building unsafe.

Bio-65 are experts in cleaning and restoring properties that have suffered fire and smoke damage. Our team is able to attend to your property urgently, wearing the necessary protective equipment, to salvage and preserve as much of the contents and furnishings as possible. Any harmful odours are removed and extensive damage caused to your home can be repaired to a professional standard.

Whether flooding in your property is caused by putting out a fire or extreme weather conditions, it can have a devastating effect on lives and properties. A flood can cause hidden structural damage, in addition to damage to the electrics, furnishings and contents.

A rapid response to cleaning up flood water is essential to minimise the extent of the damage. The Bio-65 team are seasoned water damage professionals who can quickly dry out the property and its contents. From odour removal, speed drying and decontamination to complete restoration, we can handle it all.

Roadside clean ups

Road accidents and incidents often result in significant debris being scattered across the road or carriageway, often causing dangerous obstructions that cause the road to be closed. And, if there have been any serious injuries or a death at the scene, it’s likely biohazard waste will need to be cleaned up also.

Bio-65 are fully experienced in dealing with everything involved in roadside clean ups. You can trust us to cordon off the area and clean up the scene to the highest standard, working quickly, responsibly and professionally. We are able to respond quickly to incidents which enables the clean up operation to be completed and the road to be reopened as soon and as safely as possible.

Industrial accidents

Many workplaces and businesses require employees to work with heavy equipment or operate dangerous machinery to manufacture and handle company goods. Unfortunately, during these times, there can occasionally be accidents that result in serious injuries or even death in extreme cases. As a result, the area may become hazardous and other employees may be at risk from any substances or excess materials that may be left behind. In these instances, you will require professionals to help you stay calm and help deal with cleaning up the aftermath.

Bio-65 will promptly arrive and get to work with the clean up. We understand that you need help dealing with the situation so that your company can resume operations without causing further harm to employees. Your workplace and those involved in the incident will be treated with the utmost respect by our team. After assessing the scene, we use approved equipment and cleaning methods to get the workplace back to a safe condition, so that production can continue as normal. You can trust us to effectively clean and decontaminate the area, so you and your employees can continue work without having to worry about being at risk from any harmful materials.